Why Choose Healthyish?

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Healthyish Foods was created for people who live a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy eating GOOD food! We care about what our customers put into their bodies, which is why we use organic, all natural ingredients. We want our customers to feel good about eating single serving desserts that are free from preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, hormones and harmful pesticides. Not to mention, we premeasure and perfectly portion the dry dessert mix, frostings and toppings for you; saving you time at the grocery store. Plus, if you are anything like me, you will feel even better knowing that you will not be tempted by leftover desserts!

Our subscription model makes it easy and convenient for our customers to pick a plan and fully customize their Healthyish organic baking kits each month. We also offer themed baking kits that can be purchased one time and are great for any occasion. From there, we will ship everything right to your door step. With Healthyish Foods, you can bake perfectly portioned, single serving, organic desserts that simply taste great!

Happy Baking!
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Author: Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh

Welcome to the Healthyish Foods Blog. We’re glad you’re here! The purpose of this blog is to provide you with tips and reccomendations on how to live a Healthyish life! We will also provide you with recipes and ideas on ways that you can use your DIY organic baking kits at home.

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