Healthyish Apple Crumb Cake Recipe – Because Fall is Here

It’s harvest season and we’ve picked some delicious red gala apples to bake with this fall. Now I know you might be thinking, Sarah more apple crumb cake recipes? But let’s be honest, there’s never too many apple crumb cake recipes to go around. So let’s get busy baking!

Ingredients Needed – Serving Size 2 people

2 Healthyish Vanilla Bean Cake Mixes

4 Tablespoons of melted unsalted butter

4 Tablespoons of 2% milk

1 Small / Medium Gala Apple

1 Pinch of Cinnamon

2 Teaspoons Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar / Granola Topping Mixture   – (Mix together some brown sugar, pinch of flour, pinch of cinnamon, and your favorite oats or granola.)

Raw Pecans or Sliced Almonds

Baking Instructions
  • Mix together the Healthyish vanilla bean cake mix pouch with unsalted butter and milk, as per baking instructions on the side panel of the box. Set the batter aside.
  • Use 1 Tablespoon of the unsalted butter and cut it into the brown sugar / granola topping mixture until all of the powder has disappeared.

  • Chop up one small or half of a medium sized gala apple into evenly sized cubes. – set aside
  • Next you will take 1 Tablespoon of unsalted butter and add it to a small frying pan. Mix in your apples. Let them get lightly brown and then you will add in a pinch of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Let the apples caramelize in the pan for a few minutes. Remove from the heat.

Healthyish Apple Crumb Cake - Because Fall is Coming

  • Next, you will lightly spray your paper baking cups from the Healthyish baking kit with cooking spray. Evenly distribute the batter among both paper cups.
  • Evenly distribute the sautéed apples cubes into the batter. I used a spoon and lightly pressed the apples into the batter.

Healthyish Apple Crumb Cake - Because Fall is ComingHealthyish Apple Crumb Cake - Because Fall is Coming

  • Finally, you will finish these by adding the brown sugar / granola topping to the top of the batter.

Bake for 14-16 minutes at 350 degrees. The juice from the apples might increase the baking time just a bit. So be sure to do the toothpick test before removing your mini cakes from the oven.

Once finished baking, add some raw pecans or sliced almonds for extra texture and flavor. And for an extra pop of flavor, heat up your vanilla bean frosting pouch and drizzle it across the top of the cake.

Healthyish Apple Crumb Cake - Because Fall is Coming

Healthyish Apple Crumb Cake - Because Fall is Coming




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