Spring has finally arrived in Vail and I’m ready for a fresh start. One of the ways I like to refresh my home after a long winter is with Branch Basics products. Their powerful concentrate replaces all cleaning supplies when diluted with water.

You can use the concentrate for everything from all-purpose cleaning to a streak free shine on your windows and doors. This high-powered solution is human safe, plant based, chemical free, and never tested on animals which is a huge plus in my book. The easy-to-use refillable containers are a game changer too. The perfect solution to reduce waste.

Spring Cleaning with Branch Basics – Healthyish Foods

Oxygen Boost

Another Branch Basics product I’ve fallen in love with is their fragrance-free oxygen boost for laundry. It brightens and refreshes my clothes in the most wonderful way. I used it on one of my old ski jackets and it was shocking how much dirt it lifted. My clothes not only look cleaner they feel cleaner too. Safe for HE washing machines, and free from harmful chemicals, you’re going to love this product.

Spring Cleaning with Branch Basics – Healthyish Foods

Dishwasher Tabs

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dishwasher tabs. As a food blogger, I do an obscene number of dishes every day. Honestly, I was reluctant to try these at first, but these tabs leave me with squeaky clean dishes every single time. They cut through the tough grease without any harmful chemicals.  Every time I am left with a bright, clean shine. I have fallen in love with the human safe tabs. Plus, they don’t have any plastic coating which is a huge plus.

Spring Cleaning with Branch Basics – Healthyish Foods

If you’ve considering trying their products, use promo code HEALTHYISH for 15% off all starter kits. Offer valid on all products except the trail pack. Click here to shop now.

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