3 Ways to Rid your Life of Toxic Friends for Good!

Friendships, like all other relationships are about mutual respect, trust and love. These basic concepts can promote a long, healthy friendship. However, like any relationship, friendships sometimes must end. When your friend becomes toxic it’s time to reevaluate the relationship and determine if it’s worth holding on to.

What traits does a toxic person have? Well it’s anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. It’s anyone who is self-serving, narcissistic and/or in constant competition with you. It’s someone who tries to manipulate you and the way other people see you. It’s someone who doesn’t apologize or feel they are ever wrong. So here are 3 ways to rid your life of toxic friends for good.

3 Ways to Rid your Life of Toxic Friends for Good!

  1. Don’t Feed the Drama

Similar concept to “don’t feed the animals” when you’re at the zoo. And while this person might behave like an animal, you do not want to feed the crazy. So, one way to avoid being sucked into the drama is by keeping this individual at a distance. Making yourself unavailable when they call or want to go out is a good way to get some much-needed space. Doing this gives you time to evaluate the friendship. From there, you can determine if it’s worth trying to save or if it’s better to just move on to the next stop.

3 Ways to Rid your Life of Toxic Friends for Good!

  1. Time Out

I know a lot of people who hang onto toxic friends simply because they’ve known that individual a long time. You end up making excuses for their poor behavior and letting them get away with things that should and would never happen in a healthy friendship. So, it’s important that you do not let the length of your friendship be a deciding factor when your determining if someone treats you right. Because at the end of the day, time is finite and like Sweet Brown said, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

3 Ways to Rid your Life of Toxic Friends for Good!

  1. Stay Strong

Once you decide to cut off a person for good do not let them back into your life. From what I’ve seen, a toxic friend will let some time pass and then try to slowly resurface – but do not fall for their tricks. They are simply trying to manipulate you so they can go back to their awful, hurtful ways. So stay strong, make new friends and get a new routine.  You will thank yourself in the long run!

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