3 Ways to “Be Healthyish” After a Holiday

It is always tough for me to get my body and mind back on track after a holiday filled with food, fun and fireworks! So, here are 3 ways to “Be Healthyish” this upcoming weekend. Hopefully you find them as helpful as I do.

  1. Get Outside

Anytime I can get outside and get some fresh air I always feel revived. Whether it’s a 2 hour hike or a 15 minute walk getting outside always helps me to clear my mind. Strap on some boots and find a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy some time in the outdoors. A little sun and physical activity can go a long way.

A Healthyish Picnic for One via www.Healthyish.com

  1. Prepare a Healthyish Meal

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to cook and bake. It always makes me feel happy to prepare a meal for my friends and family. During the summer one of my go-tos is the grill. Preparing a grilled meal is easy, quick, and more “healthy” than “ish”. Simple recipes like marinated veggie kabobs, grilled sweet corn, or  homemade salmon burgers are perfect examples of a Healthyish dinner. Don’t forget to grill up some fruit as a tasty cake topper to finish off your meal. Peaches, pineapples, and mangos hold up the best!

Grilled Fruits for Healthyish Cakes

A Healthyish Picnic for One via www.Healthyish.com

  1. Give Time to Others

While it sounds like a simple thing to do, it is easy to allow yourself to be pulled away by everyday distractors. Make a conscious effort to be present this weekend. Put down your phone, turn off your TV, pull up a chair, and give your full attention to those around you. You will be surprised by the intrinsic benefits you will receive when you give your energy and time to others.

3 ways to be healthyish after a holiday

These simple tips are a good start to having a Healthyish weekend and resetting your mind and body.

Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh

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